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Top Three Qualities of a Good Lawyer to Look For

Lawyers are highly skilled workers. But their legal knowledge and expertise are not the only qualities that you will need. There are specific qualities you have to look for before you can say, “Yes, I found the one!”

presentationsubpageExcellent Communication Skills
A good lawyer knows how to communicate, and he communicates well. He excels orally and writes skilfully.

He knows how to deliver a message clearly, whether he speaks before s judge or a panel of juries, or before an anxious and excited crowd of spectators. A good lawyer is a persuasive writer and speaker.

He is confident in what he says, and this is evident in how he speaks. Of course, for a lawyer to establish excellent communication skills, he should also be a good listener.

judge-gavel-1461998806lqwExcellent Analytical Skills
A good lawyer is capable of handling loads of information and then analyzing and understanding them to reach a logical conclusion.

A good lawyer knows how to properly evaluate a situation according to the information handed to him.

His analytical skills help him come up with informed decisions.

34052Excellent Skills in Public Relations

A good lawyer is a people person. He should have excellent skills in public relations.

As he works closely with people from various walks of life, he should be able to connect with them easily.

His people skills should allow him to easily talk to and ask his clients to be honest and open up so that he can come up with a good plan of action for their case. He can do this if his clients trust him; if he has good people skills.

Likewise, a lawyer with excellent PR skills can easily read people; therefore, he will find it easy to understand the jurors’ reactions. He will also be able to easily determine whether a witness is lying or telling the truth.

Four Questions You Should Ask a Lawyer You are Hiring

If you are on the lookout for a reliable lawyer for your construction (or any) company, you need to determine who among the candidates is the best. Once you’ve drawn up a list of candidates, interview them one by one and ask the following questions:

Can you tell me about your experiences as a lawyer?

Ask this question to determine if the candidate is well-experienced in the field or industry your business is in. Asking this question will also tell you whether the candidate has a vast knowledge of the law in general, especially if you plan to hire a lawyer to help you with business papers and requirements.

Are you well-versed with the law in the industry my business is in?

It is important to hire a lawyer who is well-versed and experienced in the industry your business is in. So, if you are running a building and construction company, your lawyer should have experience in this area; or he should be professionally equipped to handle legal matters related to the said industry. It is essential, however, to avoid dealing with lawyers who represent or work for your competitors. This is the best way to prevent confidential business information from leaking out and landing on the competitors’ table.

Are you willing to train and work with a legal team?

business woman with her staff, people group in background at modern bright office indoors

A good and reliable lawyer is always ready and willing to train and work with a legal team. He is always willing to take responsibility for creating a strong legal team for your business. At the same time, he acknowledges the value of teamwork. They must have the full knowledge of Property Law

How flexible are your terms of billing?

While some people may find this question difficult to ask, it is essential for you to get a good and honest answer for this. You need to know how to negotiate the fee of your lawyer-candidate, especially if your business is still in its infancy stage. Tell the candidate that you need to set a limit, but don’t go too high or too low. The two of you should come up with an agreement that will satisfy both parties.


Four Tips to Keep in Mind When Planning to Start a Construction Company

The demand for building and construction services is continually on the rise. No matter where you are, there is always a need for homes and buildings. In addition to this, home and building owners often decided to renovate their existing structures. So, you see, a construction company’s work is never done. This is one of the reasons why a lot of business minded people decide to set up their own building and construction company. If you are one of these individuals, take note of these four tips before finally settling down to build your business.

1. As is the case in all business endeavors, start by creating a business plan


You cannot start a business without drawing up a plan. This should include details about where your funding will come from, the time frame for the setting up, as well as the structure of your construction business.

You can do this on your own, or you can hire a professional business plan specialist.

 2. Set Up Your Business in a Good Location


Now that you have a concrete plan of action, the next thing you should do is find a good location for your building and construction business. This location should be accessible, spacious, and fit for your type of business. In other words, don’t set up your construction business in an area populated by high-end restaurants!

If you want to save on expenses for the meantime, try to set up your business inside your home first. As long as you have professional looking website you will be ready to take on customers.

3. Study and Familiarize the Law


If you are setting up your business in the United Kingdom, you should take time to learn, understand, and familiarize its business and construction industry laws.

This includes adhering to the policies and procedures needed to start a business (i.e. business name, license, permit to operate, and the like). To make sure you’ll understand everything (including labour laws), do not hesitate to hire the services of a lawyer who specialises in construction litigation.

4. The people you hire will matter. Choose only the best and most qualified.


To complete your business, you will need to hire people who will work for you. This may sound easy, but it’s actually quite challenging to look for a qualified candidate. Hire the most qualified lawyer. Do not fall for sweet talk. Carefully study his qualifications and give him some sort of a test before deciding to hire your best candidate. The same process should be applied when you are searching for sub-contractors and suppliers.

Do not fall for sweet talk. Carefully study his qualifications and give him some sort of a test before deciding to hire your best candidate. The same process should be applied when you are searching for sub-contractors and suppliers.Responsive web design on mobile devices phone laptop and tablet pc