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Top Three Qualities of a Good Lawyer to Look For

Lawyers are highly skilled workers. But their legal knowledge and expertise are not the only qualities that you will need. There are specific qualities you have to look for before you can say, “Yes, I found the one!”

presentationsubpageExcellent Communication Skills
A good lawyer knows how to communicate, and he communicates well. He excels orally and writes skilfully.

He knows how to deliver a message clearly, whether he speaks before s judge or a panel of juries, or before an anxious and excited crowd of spectators. A good lawyer is a persuasive writer and speaker.

He is confident in what he says, and this is evident in how he speaks. Of course, for a lawyer to establish excellent communication skills, he should also be a good listener.

judge-gavel-1461998806lqwExcellent Analytical Skills
A good lawyer is capable of handling loads of information and then analyzing and understanding them to reach a logical conclusion.

A good lawyer knows how to properly evaluate a situation according to the information handed to him.

His analytical skills help him come up with informed decisions.

34052Excellent Skills in Public Relations

A good lawyer is a people person. He should have excellent skills in public relations.

As he works closely with people from various walks of life, he should be able to connect with them easily.

His people skills should allow him to easily talk to and ask his clients to be honest and open up so that he can come up with a good plan of action for their case. He can do this if his clients trust him; if he has good people skills.

Likewise, a lawyer with excellent PR skills can easily read people; therefore, he will find it easy to understand the jurors’ reactions. He will also be able to easily determine whether a witness is lying or telling the truth.